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The Judicial Review yesterday ruled that the development of Undershaw as the new home of Stepping Stones can go ahead. The final challenge to the plans was rejected by Justice Foskett  according to BBC News. The decision removes the final obstacle to the school’s opening in May 2016. The picture above shows the new building that will sit alongside the original Underhsaw house. 60+ Sherlock authors around the world are working on fundraising for restoration projects at the school with the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories which has been a bestseller among Sherlock fans in the run up to...

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In the coming weeks the courts will make the final decision on Undershaw, Conan Doyle’s former home. It has been the subject of a long running battle between the developers who seek to destroy it, and the band of Sherlock Holmes fans who are fighting to save it and return it to its former glory. (Undershaw today, neglected and run down) The high court ruled in favour of the fans - the developers appealed - that was defeated too - now they have appealed the rejection of the appeal (come on....). Now we just have to wait for that to...

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