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NLP books is a large and competitive market with a quick look at Amazon UK yielding 1,751 books listed and some quite heavyweight publishers involved. Of course the big named gurus are there in the top 100 with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna with several titles and the 'Dummies' series expanding out to several titles too. We often see ourselves (MX Publishing) as an independent who specialise in publishing subject specific NLP books. We started in the field back in 2006 with Seeing Spells Achieving which has helped tens of thousands of children with learning difficulties (including dyslexia) and our...

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Following the phenomenal reaction around the world to Keith Hern's book on throat cancer and NLP (Bangers and Mash), including his appearance on ITV's This Morning as an advocate for throat cancer awareness, the forthcoming book on NLP and breast cancer from Rosie O'Hara is eagerly awaited. Rosie is an NLP practitioner herself, so the book goes in to a lot of detail on the techniques she used. We pinned Rosie down briefly after a weekend of training NLP Practitioners (and Belly Dancing in between she tells us) in sunny Aberdeen for a quick interview. Why was writing No More...

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NLP is a wonderful discipline for taking difficult subjects and making them ordered and simple and in her Engaging NLP series, Judy Bartkowiak does that very well with small handbooks. When it came to the 11+, Judy decided to collaborate with an 11+ tutor, Carol Fitzpatrick as any parent knows, the 11+ is a tough nut to crack. Response has been excellent receiving an early endorsement from 11+ specialists Chukra. Independent book review site The Bookbag reviewed the book and gave it a hearty thumbs up [4 out of 5] commenting “If your child is facing the 11+ then this...

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