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NLP for Teachers by Judy Bartkowiak at the top of the top 10 NLP books from MX Publishing on Nook today. #652,366  NLP For Teachers #1,001,325  NLP For Children #1,171,736  Going Mental #1,171,737  NLP For Parents #1,181,344  Succeed in Sport Bangers and Mash Inside Out - Personal Excellence Through Self Discovey Inspiration - A Users Guide Keep Walking - Leadership Learning in Action Make New Year Resolutions and keep them using NLP For a full listing of Nook NLP books check out the NLP Nook Books page on Pinterest.

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Last month the Sherlock Holmes Society of London described A Case of Witchcraft as "well written and thoroughly researched". This month it is the turn of Philip K Jones (aka The Ill Dressed Vagabond) with a very detailed review. Phil's own first book - The Punishment of Sherlock Holmes is out soon. "This novel is a first person narration by Sherlock Holmes.  Dr. Watson is laid up as the result of an Operation to remove the Jezail bullet he had carried since his Service in Afghanistan.  The daughter of a clergyman has asked Holmes to investigate the disappearance of her...

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